Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm limping.

I turned on the radio this morning while driving and I heard the tail-end of an interview. The last sentence out of the interviewee's mouth were 'les béquilles de mon âme" - the crutches of my soul. Crutches as in things used to walk when leg is broken.

Soul crutches. Hmm.

I think mine used to be chocolate and coffee. And we know what has happened to those. The chocolate is done and the coffee is down to one a day which, let's face it, is so not doing the job.

So I think all the snot rivers and complaining and funking have all really just been an outward symptom of my inner crutchlessness.

Time to find a new crutch.

Any suggestions?


gina said...

Bread? YS says that the bread in France is far superior to ours, so for me, that would be a good crutch.

Okay, but seriously, I'm thinking prayer. But that's just me. It keeps me upright when things are bleakest.

beth said...

Bread with cheese; any form of muffin or scone; fruit spread over a wonderful piece of fresh bread; sugar blended with cinnamon, butter and a dash of brown sugar spread over a fresh piece of bread. . .ok, I'll stop now - my crutch must be sugar

Lorraine said...

Definately bread. And "Gilmore girls". And "Battlestar". But you know that.

Doc said...


Nicole said...

Gina, Beth and Lorraine - You all clearly want me to get fat.

Doc - Yeah, look at where that got you.

gina said...

It's not live in FRANCE. We all know that the French can eat whatever they damn well please and stay stick thin, so don't go trying to make us believe otherwise. Just go have some bread - and cheese - and a bit of wine.

Alison said...

Blogging was my crutch for a while, during a very dark time.

I'd suggest wine, but that could be dangerous. Well, like any good crutch, I suppose!

Jertta said...

cocktails, wine, fudge ;-), internet... and FRIENDS!

Nicole said...

Gina - I live here but I wasn't bred here. I missed out on that eating-bread-whenever-but-still-always-thin gene. Sucks.

Ally - Blogging does help. Wine, well, I would, but it's allergy season so I'm trying to live the clean life.

Jertta - You commented! Yeah! Um, yes, to all that you mentioned. But I'm too lazy to make fudge in this weather. I did make pain d'epice today and thought of you (it's the cardamom thing...)