Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My computer life is falling apart. I haven't been responding to emails. Posting has been infrequent. I've started blogging about the metaphysical splits. Hmm.

Anyway. Gina's tagged me so I'm going to have to make up some interesting things to post tomorrow.

In the meantime.

The boys and I went to a farm to pick raspberries today. Pounds and pounds of them. Because they're so delicious. This weekend I'm going to make that chcolate crème brulée recipe again but with some raspberries mixed in.

For dessert tonight, we all, well, except Husband who has a serious mental block when it comes to eating fresh fruit (don't ask), ate a big bowl of raspberries with brown sugar and cream. When Boy1 had finished the berries, he picked the bowl up and started to drink the sugared cream. I said, "We don't drink cream."

He said, picking up his spoon, "Fine. I'll spoon it."

What do you say to that?


beth said...

I think he had a lovely idea! Smart Boy!

gina said...

I say, "I'll join you!" Smart cookie! I love fresh raspberries, and would you mind sending some of that creme brulee my way? I LOVE the stuff, never get it, don't make it.... so I'm all about having you FedEx me some. :)

Papadesdeux said...

I'm so jealous how well your little numbers speak english. I have to drag words out with pliers. If a whole sentence pops out, I'm in shock.

zeb said...

First it is nice to see you still have some Astoria roots in you. 2nd I am sure as much cream as we had on fruit somewhere along the way you drank what was left and I don't think your grandmother tried to stop you.

Check your email

Lorraine said...

We so drink cream under those circumstances.

beth said...

Nicole - I have a question, but not re your blog. What does "Cheveux" mean in French - does it mean horse or hair?

Nicole said...

Beth - Cheveux is hair and chevaux is horses.

Gina - Come on,just make some. You'll be super happy you did.

Papadesdeux - I am lucky.

Zeb - Of course I do.

Lorraine - I know, I guess I actually said we don't do that because I thought it was what a good parent would say under those circumstances.

Bad Alice said...

I would love to live somewhere I could pick raspberries instead of having to spend $3.00 for a tiny little package. Raspberries and cream sounds heavenly.