Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well, well, well.

And you all laughed at me.

You remember Mary Kleyweg. The now-famous disappeared therapist.


I stumbled upon something interesting amongst the sitemeter's statistics. A referral page. And upon said referral page was a search someone had done.


If you do a google search for Mary Kleyweg, a link to my blog comes up.

Said person clicked on the link and stayed on my blog for a while. And read lots pages.

Do you think it was Mary? Or perhaps another former "client" of Mary's doing a yearly check like I do?


Said person, if you're Mary, hi! I wish we could've said goodbye at least. Don't you think I've turned out ok and really sane sounding? If you're in Witness Protection, I totally get the disappearing thing and I hope they've got you set up with a nice life.

If you're not Mary, and she disappeared while you were under her care as well, know that you are not alone. We are siblings in the land of Marylessness.


Lorraine said...

Very interesting!

beth said...

Pretty amazing. . .and you now have a new group to fit into. . .you are a member of the Marylessness group

gina said...

Okay, so I had time to go back and read your first post. Then I thought about Googling Mary myself. Then I got called to take care of "problems"...then I left for the day and my internet at home died (well, my wireless router died), so I've been offline since I left work yesterday, so you have to cut me some slack for not commenting 'til now. But I find this whole Mary thing verrrrry interesting and intriguing. Just might have to do some sleuthing of my own!

Bad Alice said...

What else shows up when you google Mary Kleyweg. I will have to find out.