Friday, June 08, 2007

Counting the hours

I got an offer for a huge promotion at one of my jobs this week. HUGE. It's a management position, I'd be in charge of all the teachers and administative nightmares. It's a full-time real job thingy.

I came home and told Husband about it. We both sighed. Because it would be great. He knows how much I'd like to things other than teach all the time. And of course the extra cash would be very welcome. And of course we both know I can't accept it. So we sighed again.

We said, in chorus, "On ne peut pas être deux à ne pas compter les heures."

Indeed. Both of us can't not count the hours. Of work. Not with kids. I know some people do but it's just not our thing. When he was a student, Husband worked in the day camps where kids go here when no one is home. And he doesn't want our kids there. And neither do I.

I see the kids who spend 10-11 hours a day at school. I see the little ones cry when it's Mama time at 4:30 and they've got two more hours to go before their Mama time. And when we invite one of the bigger ones over for lunch during the week, they're so grateful it makes my teeth hurt.

A friend who works in Human Resources at my other job suggested I ask for the sky, just for the heck of it. Which I'm planning on doing. 2 months off in the summer without pay (what's not to like there?), 50% of all other school vacations off (with pay) and the possibility of working from home for the other 50%.

I did try to milk the whole situation, mentioning to my other manager that I had been offered a big deal promotion. Scare her a little. Let her know I'm big promotion material.

What? I am. I'm just big promotion material on a school year schedule.

Oh yeah. Did I mention I need to finish everyday at 4:15 so I can pick the boys up from school?

I know, I know, they'd be lucky to have me.


Lorraine said...

If they accepted your terms would you do it?

beth said...

I would ask - what is the worst they could say. . .no? Go for it.

Alison said...

I say ask for what you want.

Reb said...

I felt terrible at first working all day and leaving my little girl with the nanny, but I also know that I couldn't not work. Been much better for us all since I cut down to 80%.

I say you gotta milk the French system for all's it's got.

beth said...

Well, have you requested your specifics yet? If yes, what did they say?

Nicole said...

Lorraine - I honestly don't know.

Beth - I'm going to - my big meeting with the big boss is this friday.

Alison - Maybe.

Reb - Just wait til she starts talking a lot and you start adding the whole bilingual thing into the equation. I swear I think about that aspect of it a lot - how much time they'll be spending in French vs. English.