Tuesday, July 24, 2007

For future reference

A list of things not to do on vacation.

Throw up on the plane. (Me)

Get strep throat. (Husband)

Give strep throat to sister-in-law. (Husband again)

Get an ear infection. (Boy1)

Pick at cuticle on thumb until pussiness and swelling and pain take over. (Boy2)

Gain 6 pounds. (Me again)


Beth said...

Goodness! I hope you take that Dramamine!
ps - did Zeb and Denise like the wine too - I was told it was a really good bottle - but since I don't drink much I have no frame of reference

julie said...

Why does it take months to lose 6 pounds and minutes to gain it. This is truly a sign of the apocolypse...that and ciacadas

Lorraine said...

Hi! I gained six pounds, too! What is it about Illinois?

beth said...

Hope your trip home was better than your trip out!

beth said...

ps - My theory is that the weight gain has something to do with the winter - one must have an extra layer of "fat" to put up with the bone chilling cold that winter brings in the mid west. . .just a theory