Thursday, July 19, 2007

Something's wrong

This tale also begins in France. One Christmas while visiting, my mother became ill. She had bronchitis and some other itis. I took her to see our family doctor. She paid 21 Euros for the office visit and 15 Euros for the prescribed medications - antibiotics and various symptom-relieving potions.

Now, a similar tale in Missouri.

Husband has come down with strep throat. (I know. Don't ask. I don't want to talk about it.)

We waited 2 hours this morning at a walk-in clinic. We were seen by a charming Nurse Practitioner, who confirmed the strep (but nicely suggested we decline the $40 strep test) and prescribed meds. We were charged $150 for the office visit with said practitioning person. And we paid $27 for the meds at Walmart.

Like I said.


Christina said...

ummm walmart pharmacy called....i think they said to shake the meds. strep huh? suuuucks. i won't see you tomorrow, bro and i are going to a country music fest/party in wisconsin.

Lorraine said...

Boy. Ain't the healthcare system in this country something to just be so proud of?

Hope husband feels better soon.

Lex Lata said...

U.S.A! U.S.A!

beth said...

hi - we're back home from Kauai! Welcome to America and it's insane medical prices

Nicole said...

Beth - Thank you so much for the gifts - they were delicious!

Margie said...

Did you get a chance to see the new Michael Moore documentary about the healthcare system in the US? It's really insane when one compares for the exact same treatment.
Hope you're enjoying your visit, despite the strep throat husband, hopefully the meds have worked! :)