Saturday, July 07, 2007

Several things.

1. The title box isn't working.

2. Flying sucks. In every possible way. It's an inhuman way to travel but everyone around me pretended like it wasn't. The 'motion discomfort' bags I filled tell another truth.

3. The Amercian keyboard is a more logical system. No one should have to shift to type a period. But my fingers have now completely forgotten said system. So it's taken me 20 minutes to type these few lines.

4. My country and friends and family have managed to go on living without me. Which is as it should be.

5. I feel like a foreigner here too. The short in coffee shops has become child's size and the tall is the new short. Has anything escaped supersizing?


beth said...

HA! I believe that good ol' MacDonalds no longer does the Supersizing after a documentary was filmed about how unhealthy their food is/was - anyway, I'm so sad that I won't see you. Sorry about your miserable flight!

Lorraine said...

I had the smae title thing yesterday...misery loves company.

It was so good to see you guys...wish it coulda been longer and all that but it was awfully nice!

And you have 3 weeks to get your paws on some dramamine!

zeb said...

Since my sister will not do this justice I will just say that she made the first of many runs to Walgreens and was gone a real long time for a store 4 blocks from my house. She came back with a big bag full of wonderful prodcuts like dramamine that she was so excited about. I would have been that excited had I won the lottery or the cubs won the world series.

beth said...

Zeb - Even though I am a Sox fan, I too am ready for the Cubs to win the World Series!

gina said...

Flying overseas does indeed suck. I didn't need dramamine when we went to the UK last year, but it was close. I get airsick really easily. I hope the flight home is better, Nicole. And yeah, my son commented on how HUGE everything here is in comparison to France when he returned from his semester there. It really made him see just what PIGS we are here. And that he could be satisfied with so much less food and drink than he had gotten used to consuming here.

Seattle Coffee Girl said...

Candied ginger and Sea-Bands work for me. Ugh, I'm so sorry about the travel sickness.

Crazy how big we Americans like our portions now. "Portion control" is no longer in the American vernacular.

Nicole said...

Beth - Don't listen to anything my brother says.

Lorraine - Already done!

Zeb - I don't know what you're talking about.

Gina - I never even get dessert here because the main stuff is so huge. Which sucks because I totally love dessert.

SCG - I tried ginger but I'm afriad I'm going to have to enter drug territory if I want to survive the trip home.

zeb said...

Beth I know you know who is right.

By the way I just got your phone message yesterday, sorry not sure what happened. The answer is yes same place.

beth said...

Have a wonderful rest of the week in the US - we are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow and will be gone for 9 days - so I'll log onto your blog when we return

beth said...

I just shipped you two items that will arrive separetly - I hope I have you brother's correct address - both should arrive next week