Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ah, le fou rire

The crazy laugh. You know that laugh. That laugh that you can't stop. And the harder you try, the worse it gets.

My brother and I used to get the crazy laugh in church. In our defense, it was a really lame church. Bad music, long service, droning preacher man, endless fake smiles. Luckily, we were usually late, so we often sat in the balcony and only embarassed my mother instead of mortifying her (which would have been the case had we been seated downstairs with the big crowds). I cannot imagine why that church was always so full. Because it was a seriously lame church.


My question of the day: when was the last time you had a crazy laugh?


Anonymous said...

In Chicago with my friend Sylvia a month ago. We were at a childbirth education conference in this oddly rambling hotel that was like a city inside. I felt like a teenager. No husband no kids oddly unsure of the future and enjoying the moment.

Christina said...

i've had that crazy laugh with you plenty of times...usually in one of our slaphappy/inappropriate moments. mine's the laugh where no sound is coming out, yet you're still laughing.

nicole said...

Last week where I was in a big group of people watching all this french formality and butt-kissing. we couldn't take it anymore and I laughed so hard I cried...while people were droning on and on. Laughing was the only thing that got me through the day.

Alison said...

Last night, reading the different entries at Steve, Don't Eat It!

zeb said...

You probably don't remember this but I used to try and get you to laugh like that just so you would get in trouble. I would sit innocently by and point my finger at you.

Nicole said...

Julie - those are the best kind.

Christina - I almost mentioned some of our crazy laughs but since they usually involve stories about my errant teenage years or me on too much wine I decided to refrain.

Nicole - It's either that or cry.

Alison - Bless you for that link.

Zeb - Of course I knew. But I never got in real trouble because I was an angel so I let you have your fun.

Lorraine said...

Yesterday, with the Hat. Multiple times. Crazy laughing till I was choking on my own self and had tears in my eyes.

Christina said...

ha...yea good point!!!

beth said...

With the exception of laughing with my girls, I honestly just don't remember when my last big laugh was. . .sleep deprivation anyone?