Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ok, so they're amazing

But still.

In Friday's post I wrote that it was Boy2 who was doing the reading. He's smart, brillant even, no doubt, and will hopefully cure cancer and all that is wrong with the world. His name is Raphaƫl, after all.

But, he just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and isn't quite reading novels yet. When he goes to bed, he snuggles up with his penquin and his bear and sings songs until he falls asleep.

It was Boy1 who was doing the reading. Boy1 is also, of course, brillant, what other kind of child would we breed? He's very artistic and will probably bring about world peace through his art. His recent projects include a deck of cards which he designed and made and a dragon file with names and habitat information and diagrams of all the dragons he's dreamed up. He's got a message. His name is Gabriel, after all.


Jertta said...

They really are amazing, no doubt! Which is easy to understand when you know the perfect parents they have and who are saving at least Laval!! Or surviving it, which is amazing too... ;-)

beth said...

I love a proud mama!

Nicole said...

Jertta - Perfect parents? Ha! You know the truth.

Beth - Not proud, just realistic.

Lorraine said...

Brag on, hot mama!