Monday, June 23, 2008

My new toy

Is a whipper. Or a siphon or whatever you call it.

You know, one of these things. Because you can never have too much nice kitchen equipment.

So far, I've only used it to make eggless chocolate mousse (basically just whole cream, cocoa, melted chocolate and sugar) and strawberry yogurt cream (whole cream, whole plain yogurt [I used sheep], strawberry purée and sugar).

It's all very fluffy and sweet and pretty. The chocolate mousse tastes very good on coffee. And fruit. And my index finger when I go to the fridge 'supposedly' to get something else, like water. The strawberry cream tastes good on those things too, except for the coffee, although I think it probably would. I just haven't tried it there.

I can apparently also make fruit espumas and avocado mousses and foie gras foams. If I can get beyond the chocolate mousse stage. Which is looking doubtful at this point.

Between the chocolate sorbet and the ganache and now the mousse, chocolate has become something of a theme lately. Wonder what that means?

Crise de foi? Or crise de foie?


Lorraine said...

Oooh, that sounds like big fun.

I want to live at your house.

beth said...

That's it. . .I am moving into your house - hope you don't mind a crowd!

beth said...

ps - much to my mother's dissapointment, I am now officially a Cub fan - she actually drove me to switch from her beloved White Sox

Nicole said...

Lorraine - Yes! That would be very fun. Eric might be bummed though.

Beth - Yes! The more the merrier.

Beth - I cannot even imagine what she had to do to manage that. Welcome to the cool club though.

beth said...

She loves her White Sox, but it to an absolutley insane extent and she drives people crazy with it - i.e. before she eats out she askes the waitor what team he likes (and if he says the Cubs - Yikes); before she buys a candy bar from a little one selling them for his school team, she asks him what team he's for, etc - and this happens at least 5 times per day, every day! - so, she's driven me to the other side!