Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On things predictable

Prévisible. Predictable. Although I kind of like the French word better - things which can be pre-seen as opposed to pre-said.

I was sitting in the dining room looking out the window and I saw a very large truck driving down my street. You know, my street, my little one way street that has parking spots on both sides running along the sidewalk, my little street that a fool driving a Hummer would have a very hard time getting down, my little street that ends at another even littler street that runs perpendicular to mine and is cobblestone. And the truck? It was one of the those big huge trucks 18 wheels or something like that.

So as I watched the truck drive down I thought, "I should really go out there and tell him to back up now, he'll never make it around the obligatory corner at the end of the street." But it was morning and I was lazy and I thought he'd probably dismiss me with a "I know what I'm doing lady," kind of thing so I just stayed put. And waited. And as pre-seen, a few minutes later, I heard the beep-beep-beep announcing his return, tail end first.

Question for the day: what is the difference between pre-seen and pre-said?


beth said...

I need caffine before answering this. ps - how's your nose?

Nicole said...

Beth - yes, but how do you get the caffeine? I know you haven't converted to coffee. The nose is fine, still a little sensitive but ok. How are you?

beth said...

I'm better - as far as caffeine - I put about 2 tbsp into a half cup of coffee with lots of cream - so it's more like dessert than coffee.