Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lights on, lights off

It's actually my birthday week. Because one day just isn't enough.

I had a very small gathering at home on Saturday evening. Monday was the real birthday, but I mostly just worked. Tuesday was a beautifully timed acupuncture appointment and then coffee. Friday is a birthday lunch. And then, of course, lovely blog birthday wishes and messages on my answering machine and emails.

My birthday present to myself? A eurostar ticket to London for the week after Christmas. To spend a week with a friend I've had for nearly 20 years, since Wilmington.

The light thing?

Well, Laval is one of those cities with a major Christmas light thing. Saturday evening they turned the lights on with big music and fireworks.

I, of course, told the boys that they were really turning them on for my birthday.

Lights off, well, my very old house and its very old electrical system seem to not be getting along well tonight. The power keeps going off. I've unplugged and called the electrician and followed his instructions and currently have lights and hot water. I'm under strict instructions not to use the washing machine or the dryer or the dishwasher.

He must not know I have two boys.


beth said...

Glad to hear you had a nice birthday and that Laval also celebrates your birthday - does Laval know that next year an extra big celebration will be needed for Dec 1st?? Two children. . .no washing machine, dryer or dishwasher - that equals a headache!

zeb33 said...

Lets see birthday week, lying to kids about lights for your birthday let me see sounds like princess to me. (as in state of mind).

Trip to London very nice.

The Idle Devil said...

That's lovely, especially the lights on in your honour. But the lights off - not being able to use the essential appliances at home sounds like punishment. What cake did you have?

Nicole said...

Beth - You're right, I should inform them now, give them PLENTY of time to prepare. A dirty headache.

Zeb - They knew I was kidding! I am really excited about London.

TID - Three chocolate mousse with génoise. I've had leftovers everyday with pears or apples sautéed with butter and ginger or allspice. Amazing.

Christina said...

The lights in your town are AMAZING at Christmas!

Glad you are having a good birthday week!

Nicole said...

Christina - I am - although I'm very bummed about my washing machine - I just found out that's what was causing the electricity to go out.