Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bridge me

It is a month of bridges in France this May, or at least long weekends. Three holidays on thursdays or fridays.

And this river town I live in has 4 main bridges linking rive gauche and rive droite.

I'm on a bridge right now, walking across. And while I know with absolute certainty where I've been, I have no idea where I'm going. But, like the cliff in my dream, I cannot not cross this river. Wouldn't want to stop if I could.

Question for the day: when was the last time you stood on a bridge? Did you cross it?


Alison said...

I'm on one now, trying to cross to the other side.

Nicole said...

Alison - I'm on a similar one, about a block away from yours. How long do you think this is going to take?