Tuesday, May 19, 2009

City of my dreams

It is a place that belongs to me and to which I belong. I am neither mistress nor wife there, just me.

There is stimulation there but not sensory overload. There is effervescence but not chaos.

I feel safe there, but not imprisoned. I am free and framed at the same time. I can take root there but I can leave anytime I like. It witnesses everything but knows how to keep secrets.

I dream of you still and I do not know your name, city of mine.

Tell me I will one day, tell me our paths will cross. Tell me life will disjoint or unjoint or maybe joint or that I will. Tell me I will walk your sidewalks and you will welcome my footsteps with an echo, a resonance I will recognize instantly and never forget.

I will treasure your streets and your name. I will shine for you.

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