Friday, May 22, 2009

Well, that went well

Boy1 has said a few things here and there that have made me think it's time to have the talk. The where babies come from talk. Nothing major, just the basics. He already knows the egg and the sperm thing but the whole how-they-hook-up-thing is still a mystery. And I'd really rather he hear it from me than in the school yard.

So, we were having dinner one night a few weeks ago.

Me - Boy1, have you heard anything at school from the other kids about where babies come from or things like that?

Boy1 - Um, a little, I guess.

Me - Well, I'd like you to have accurate information. So when you think it's time, I'm ready to tell you anything you'd like to know.

Boy1 - No, it's ok Mama, I already know that babies are made from a little part from the mama and a little part from the papa.

Me - Yeah, I know. But you need to know how those parts meet.

Boy1 lifts his arms up, palms towards me, shakes head - No, no, no. I'm way too young for that.

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Christina said...

Ah, too funny!