Sunday, July 23, 2006

L'été sucks

Boys and I have been in Nantes for several days trying to get away from the heat, or at least deal with it more gracefully. So much for that. It was hotter in Nantes than in Laval. But my in-laws have a big yard and a good size kid pool so at least the boys were entertained. They slept in the coolest room in the house. They did not suffer from the heat at all. The same cannot be said for me. I slept in a bedroom upstairs with a skylight. I hate skylights. The temperature of the room at 11 pm most nights was around 90°F.

I don't like summer. There. I've said it. I really don't and I haven't for a really, really long time. Some people get down and mopey when it's grey and cold and mists all day. I am not one of those people. I am, however, one of those people who gets down and mopey when it's over 23°C which is about 70°F I think.

Needless to say, given the 35°C + temps we've been having here (way too hot°F), I'm miserable. And totally useless as a mother. I'm not an easy mother to have in the best of times but in the worst of times (summer), I feel sorry for my poor boys. The activities and games I'll participate in include making more iced tea or coffee, reading a book in the shade, sitting without moving in front of a fan.

I should mention that NOTHING, aside from the grocery store and my husband's car, in Laval (or Nantes for that matter) is air-conditioned. No homes, shops, cafés, parks, streets, nothing. So essentially, unless I'm standing in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store (and after about 20 minutes, people start to stare and the boys start to shiver) or driving in Husband's car, there is no relief.

The weather people are saying this thing they call a heat wave, with is stupid because waves are usually refreshing and this is anything but, is going to last at least 3 more weeks.

The boys will be raising themselves by then.


zeb said...

If you would have spent more time in the summer with me at our grandmother's house you would not be having those issues. But not you had to be the princess, so this is what happens.

charlie said...

My sympathies, Nicole. I too hate the heat and am with you on 70F as more than ideal. Believe it or not, Glasgow has been experiencing the same heatwave and I can't say I have enjoyed it. I love spring and autumn. I am North European type and think that anyone who spends hours and hours lozzing about in the sun for pleasure is nuts.

Having 'done' France on more than one occasion, I well remember walking around Paris in one of those average sort of summers where the temperature hovers in the mid 80s. Misery!

I'm sure the boys will cope without their mother's constant attention It's better for them anyway :o)

Nicole said...

Zeb - I spent plenty of summer time at her house, didn't do me a bit of good though. And as I recall, she did have a window unit in the family room.

Charlie - I'm a autumn\winter person myself. Spring is ok but always seems to announce summer so dread sets in end of April.

Lorraine said...

I feel your pain. And I remember that bedroom. And it was hot the week of your wedding.

I am useless in the heat. I resent having to move. Yesterday it was so hot that I couldn't be troubled to take grapes from the fridge to the sink to wash them. Just ate them straight and hoped for the best. And even getting up to get them was way more effort than I wanted to expend.

zeb said...

You said it best you spend time there by the a/c unit while we were outside.

The boys will be fine- ice cream and videos and you can do whatever you want

Grish said...

It's 101 degrees here. I prefer it to be about 80ish degrees fahrenheit and sunny outside.

Outside being the operative word as I currently have three air conditioners running at full blast to keep it about 72 degrees fahrenheit inside. hehe

beth said...
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beth said...
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beth said...

Although I do love summer, I don't like it when it's over 100 degrees like it is right now. Today it is 104. I do love the 80 - 90 degree days! I think everyone is having a heat wave - and I agree with your description of "wave". Hope the boys and you survive! Mom is visitng for a few days and she says Hi. It is good to have her here, but I am pretty tired of hearing about the White Sox - she is as you may remember the ultimate White Sox fan.

beth said...

sorry about all the posts - i can't figure out how to delete the extras.

Nicole said...

Lorraine - You can tell how hot it was that night from the pictures. Everyone just looks wilted.

Zeb - I've unfortunately already resorted to that strategy. Hell will be mine to pay in September.

Beth - Gotcha covered.

Nicole said...

Grish - Meany! DO NOT tease me with tales of air conditioners!

julie said...

Here is the it really a heat wave when the entire world is having it? If you haven't seen the Al Gore movie yet, you should though it is terrifying, but I will tell you california is setting new heat records every day.