Monday, July 24, 2006

Take that

As I've mentioned in previous posts, an American in France occasionally comes up against what I can only call linguistic snobbery. The idea that British English is superior to the American variety, in both its written and spoken forms. Whatever. It's not the kind of thing that really bothers me unless it's directed at my kids. At which point I turn into a raving bitch. But that's just the mom in me.

I did, however, lose my calm once when it was directed at me. No, not really my calm, just my civility.

An English friend looking to move here from London asked if I could take calls from a local real estate agent. No problem, I said.

Said agent called. And spoke French with a very heavy British accent. Out of kindness or laziness or both, I suggested we speak in English. I believe my exact words were, "Why don't we stop speaking French since we share the same native language."

Mr. Agent Man replied, "Oh, you think we speak the same language?"

And then out it popped. "Well, I don't know. If I say you're an arrogant a**hole, do you need a translator?"

Given his reaction, I'd say he didn't.

(Please note: Above conversation took place before St. Anthony and I started working together.)


beth said...

I'm glad you are working with St. Anthony and I'm sure your mom is too --- but I love the old Nicole and her American personality! He deserved the comment!

Lorraine said...

Touche! (Wait. That's French).

zeb said...

Spoken like someone with Texan in their blood. Lance and George would be so proud.

charlie said...

Language being an evolving thing (but bearing in mind that you Americans still use old forms like 'gotten') this admiring Brit reader of your estimable blog has no bone to pick at all with American English provided you spell a**hole with two Ss and not two Zs. Oh, and it's zed, not zee, by the way. Oh, and colour not color. Oh and catalogue. Oh and....

Throw me back, quick [gasp] :o)))

Edy said...

oh yeah! SCORE: Nic: 189,456 to Realtor: nada