Monday, October 09, 2006

Ah, l'amour

Boy1's teacher informed me today at lunch time that Boy1 and his friend E are said to be in love. She and Boy1 apparently quite proudly informed the teacher that they were amoureux, and would no doubt be getting married as soon as possible. Boy1 will be 6 this month so we're not looking at caterers just yet.

On the way home I asked Boy1 about it. So, how do you feel about E? We're in love, he said.

What does that mean for you, to be in love?

Well Mama, why don't you tell me what it means to you and I'll either confirm or deny.

He seriously said that. Confirm or deny.


zeb said...

Your boys make me so proud. I have always told you that you will get what you deserve. I would say things are headed in that direction.

FYI: The packages are on the way.

beth said...

Confirm or Deny - sounds like legal/attorney terms - I wonder where they picked that up from?? HA!

Lorraine said...

Ok, seriously, no more White House press briefings for that kid.

christi said...

wow. it's starting already. keep me posted on wedding plans! ha!

charlie said...

But would he destroy worlds for her?

Nicole said...

Zeb and Beth - Between the lawyer father and the used-to-need the last word mother, I don't even know where this is headed.

Lorraine - I do need to start childproofing his reading material a little better.

Christi - At this rate, he'll be married before you!

Charlie - I think so. Yesterday afternoon he told me that some kids were chasing E. So he 'defended' her (his word) and then they chased him. And then he said, "But that's ok, because I can defend myself."

christi said...

haha-fine by me!!