Thursday, October 26, 2006

Party #1 and the extraordinary healing powers of pez

Tomorrow is Boy1's 6th birthday. He's got 4 friends from new school coming over at 3. Not really sure what I'll be doing with them. I've bought a pumpkin for each so they'll be able to carve - or at least design and I'll carve - I don't want any drama. Most French kids (and certainly all of these kids) have never carved a pumpkin - or eaten a pumpkin pie, for that matter. So I'm hoping they'll find it interesting.

I'm also making caramel corn, so I'm going to let them make their own caramel corn balls or disks or whatever. Also a new thing for French kids, who are used to sweet popcorn, but just with sugar, not with caramel.

Boy1 really wanted me to make corn dogs and onion rings for everyone but I vetoed that. I've got in-laws for the weekend and 14 people for the family birthday dinner on sunday. I'll be spending enough time in the kitchen as it is. Happily, but still, I told him not to push his luck.

This afternoon in the car Boy1 started to talk about Christmas. I've been getting him used to the idea that my mother won't be able to come this year, although he swears when he asks her on the phone she says she doesn't know yet. Anyway, he said, "Can you imagine how horrible it will be for me if Grandma can't come for Christmas? What will I do without her here?"

I empathized. He moped for 30 seconds and then said, "I know what we can do to feel better. We'll both eat a lot of pez. That will help us be less sad about missing Grandma so much."

There you have it.


christi said...

pez...who knew? :)

Legal Alien said...

Are you sure he didn't say "Prozac"?

Although both are equally addictive.

beth said...

Pez - as in the old pez dispensers with all of the characters on them. . .is that what he's referring too? If they don't like pumpkin pie - and you feel like doing more baking (HA) - try pumpkin bread - I find that the kiddies prefer the bread to the pie.

Nicole said...

Christi - We should've known.

Pat - I think so, but it could've been wishful thinking on my part.

Beth -When I say French kids, I don't mean mine, who I consider, despite it all, American kids. They love pumpkin pie.

zeb said...

Let's see pez, candy corn,totsie rolls, totsie pops, I think I see a trend- candy the more the better.

You almost got something new for the boys but I figured since you were against smoking the old candy cigs would be a bad choice.

Lorraine said...

Yikes. 6? Seriously?

I need some pez.