Monday, October 23, 2006

Ah, les vacances scolaires

Just about every six weeks or so, another school vacation hits. Kids start school here the first week of September. And now, just a short time later, or at least that's what it feels like to me, it's time for Autumn Break. Tomorrow is the last day of school until November 6th.

The theory is that the kids are tired and need a break. Never mind that lightening the load all year round might take care of that problem. But whatever.

Then they'll go back to school for 6 more weeks and it'll be time for Christmas Break. Then again until Winter Break mid-February, then another in April. The stretch between Easter Break and the end of school (July 3rd or something like that) is a bit longer, but May is studded with holiday upon holiday so three-day weekends abound.

None of this really mattered to me while I wasn't working. Now it's another story. I'm beginning to think all these vacations are actually a clever way to fill up the Municipal Treasury. Because what do you do with the kids when you work and there's no school? If you're lucky, you can send them to mamie and papy's house for a while. If you're not, you've got a limited number of choices. Activity day camps are available in smaller villages. In a town like Laval, there are big day care centers for bigger kids with activities and cafeterias and stuff like that. But how does sending them there help then get over the intense fatigue they're all experiencing? Beats me.

Our boys will be shuffled around between grandparents' house (Boy1), a friend's house (one morning while I have class) , the library at the Husband's firm to watch a dvd while Husband works (another morning) and the drop in day care center he went to last year on occasion (Boy2 when Boy1 is away). Not restful for anyone, particualrly me, as I will spend most of the time they're being shuffled feeling guilty. Vacation my ass.


zeb said...

You really need to get over not being around 24/7. They will be ok.

beth said...

Don't feel guilty about working, you're a wonderful mommy. I wish America felt that rest was needed like the Europeans do - don't most businesses close during the month of August for a "break". It's a much better attitude than here - where we eat our lunch in 10 minutes while sitting on a conference call in our office!

Lorraine said...

It is a bitch. When The Child started school people would ask if I was going back to work "now that she'd be out of the house". I'd look at them like, what? school now runs 9-5 with 11 annual bank holidays?

I don't envy you have to juggle like that and I continue to count my blessings that I don't have to add that particular headache to my list of obligations.

charlie said...

Guilt is such a useless emotion.Ask Raskalnikov :o)

Nicole said...

Zeb - I know they'll be OK, it's just not my ideal.

Beth - Thanks for the reassurance. BTW, your babies are beautiful! Ginger chews are lovely also, thank you.

Lorraine - And I really shouldn't complain - at least I have off July and August.

CBW - You're right, of course, and as usual. I usually stay away from guilt but never quite manage to when it comes to the boys.