Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Answer me this

Why are the bad guys in American movies always killed at the end? Why can't they just go to jail?

Why do French movies always have lame endings? Amélie being a rare exception.

Why did Boy2 start saying 4 the day after I posted about the fact that he never says it?

Why did I agree to throw Boy1 two birthday parties?

Why does Boy2 look so sweet when he's being such a brat?

Why can't I filter out background noise? It's like a hammer in my ears that drives me to madness.

Why do I always end up making something lemon and something chocolate whenever I have to make two desserts?

Why do my 6 and 3 year old boys still have cradle cap, since they're both long out of the cradle?

Why do I miss Seattle so much? It's just a place.


beth said...

Perhaps America must always kill the bad man;
don't know;
does he read your posts?;
because you are a great mommy;
because boys2 is so sweet (as is boys1);
mothers' are meant to hear all background noise otherwise we would not hear our children when the need us;
because you have a delightful sweettooth;
It's a sign that they will always be your babies (use olive oil, then comb thru hair on cradle cap);
because you are an American at heart, perhaps a Seattlean(sp?) and it is human nature to miss once we once had;
Just for once, I wanted to feel like I had all the answers - Maybe today is the day for you to go to a coffee shop w/out boys and have a wonderful cup of coffee and reflect.

charlie said...

Why do you ask these questions when you know that there is one subtextual answer to them all?

zeb said...

Just refer to my new favorite saying " It is what it is"

Nicole said...

Beth - Today was DEFINITELY a day when I should've had a moment alone. Unfortunately for me and even more so for the kids, it wasn't possible. Great answers btw.

CBW - Could I get a copy of that subtext?

Zeb - Not very Matrix of you.

christi said...

q1. Perhaps its for dramatic moral do BAD things, you will die.
q2. i'll ask my mom, she seems to have a new thing for french movies, go figure
q3. to make you look like an idiot.
q4. cuz ur a fabulous mother
q5. because he IS so sweet just like his godmother/cousin :)
q6. maybe it's just the voices in your head...
q7. b/c you can't go wrong with lemon or chocolate
q8. i know nothing about cradle cap, sorry
q9. b/c it's part of who you are...but are you sure you dont just miss starbucks? :)

Lorraine said...

Seattle misses you, too.

(That probably didn't help).