Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday musings

I started teaching my BTS students today. BTS is a 2-year degree with a specific expertise - often technical or businessy type things. The ones I have are either in sales, managerial assistance, human resources, or client negociations. They've all at least finished high school, and their ages range from 18-25. So, technically, they've all had about 9 years of English instruction.

9 years.

That's a lot, right? One would think so. One would also think their English would be pretty good. But the poor kids looked positively stricken during class today. This is going to be fun. And I'm not being sarcastic. By the way, if anyone out their needs to do research on EFL students, I've got 15 subjects ready for testing...

Anyway, this morning I had to leave for work before the boys left for school. Usually I leave after they're gone. Boy2 needed explanations. Where was I going? What was I going to do? Would I still be at school at 11:30 to pick them up for lunch?

I answered the questions. More questions were asked. What does that mean you help big kids learn to speak English? (I have to say big kids, otherwise it's papas and mamas for him, there is no in between at this point.)

I'm a teacher, I said. A teacher? Like ma Isabelle? (my Isabelle - Boy2's teacher). Yes, like your Isabelle. His eyes lit up. You're Mama and a teacher? Wow, how do you do that?

Um, I wing it.


beth said...

I'm sure that even your "winging it" will be better than most teachers. Have fun teaching your panic stricken students - they are lucky to have you! Perhaps one day you can give me a few follow up courses in grammar - I'm still learning and I still prefer numbers to the writen word any day! Your description of your panic sticken students remind me of how I was in every English/Grammar course I ever took - completely panic stricken!

charlie said...

'Winging it' is an admirable skill, Nicole. As is tapdancing.

Lorraine said...

Isn't it priceless when they figure out that Mama can do more than just be mama. Who'da thunk.