Friday, December 01, 2006

How's that for appropriate?

I've always had a flair for embarassing myself or others. Saying the wrong thing in front of the wrong people - that kind of thing.

Like the time when I used a really and I mean REALLY bad word in French at a dinner party with in-laws and soon-to-be in-law's of in-laws. One of the guests asked me if I had started looking for my wedding dress and when I said yes, wanted to know what styles I was thinking of. I jokingly replied something with a plunging neckline and miniskirt length. The word I used to say very very very short (for those of you who speak French, I said ras-la-...) is an extremely vulgar word. But I had never seen it written and didn't know it could be broken down into nasty parts. Anyway. Total silence at the table. Then Husband (Fiancé at that point) said, "Sometimes Nicole learns words without really learning what they mean." Everyone then started laughing and it was fine but still.

Last weekend when Husband's parents were here we all watched a film together on saturday night after the boys were in bed. For some reason (related to the film I think) we started talking about stupid bets. And before I think about, I'm telling them about the time in college (I was only 17 so give me a break) when, on a bet, I opened the door for a delivery guy topless. Completely topless. After I finish telling the story I look over at Husband who is looking at me with a look that said, all at once, wish I had been there, you crack me up, and why on earth would you tell that story in front of my parents you goof.

Here's hoping the next 20 years will be as interesting as the last 20.


Remolona said...

jajajajajaja very funny ! i suposse that not for you in that moment.
Well, you see that my english is horrible but i understand you story and you make me have a better day!

charlie said...

No, I refuse. I just refuse. No. Gag me someone. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............bump

Amy said...

Happy Birthday you Goof!

Doc said...


beth said...

I'm sure the delivery man was quite happy with his job that day.
Happy Birthday!
ps - this past Halloween, while nursing my baby in her baby bijon (sp) - she was covered with a blanket so no one could see, I was answering the door for trick or treators - and while I was handing out candy to a 7 yr old, the blanket fell to the floor. I was mortified - and the 7 yr old is probably scared for life!

zeb said...

Did I mention happy b-day

It is times like this I wish you had a daugher that could be just like you.

Grish said...

You know I seen his book was out now. It`s entitled, `The life and times of a pizza boy`

I`m pretty sure that he changed the names to protect the guilty, however...:P

beth said...

Tonight my town turned on it's Christmas lights and celebrated Santa's arrival at the town square - and I thought of you and thought that I bet it was all really for your birthday celebration

gina said...

I have had many "foot-in-mouth" experiences, though none quite as interesting as yours! And none in French, sadly. Sounds like Husband is a super swell guy! Oh, duh! He's French, and Lorraine said he's got limpid brown eyes... yeah, super swell.

Le Nightowl said...

Non! ... you didn't... :)))
A very refreshing story, I enjoyed it a lot.
Funny how the spice and humour of this kind of situations is not immediately obvious but develops over time :)

Nicole said...

Remolona - Your English is fine. So glad my goof-ups serve a good purpose.

CBW - Gag a maggot?

Amy - Thank you Amy. I'm so glad you're blogging again.

Doc - Oh yeah the raslat. was a real beauty.

Beth- Only in the US would a child be scarred for life after having seen a breast being used for its intended (gasp) purpose.

Zeb - Thank God I don't.

Grish- Thank God he did (change the names I mean!)

Beth - I'm celebrated throughout the world!

Gina - He is indeed super swell. But his eyes are dreamy blue.

Marie the nightowl - I really did. Nifty blog btw, in French and in English, very nice of you. If you're French your English is perfect. And if you're American, your French is the same.