Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I made my first fondue this weekend.

A friend from college, Alecia, and I used to go out for fondue at a restaurant in Wilmington about once a month. I have great memories of those fondue nights, both of the fondues which varied from classic to original, and of Alecia.

My mother-in-law makes fondue bourgignon sometimes. Which is very hot grape seed oil in the fondue pot and choice cubes of uncooked beef to dip and fry. Served with a variety of sauces. Very good.

Anyway, I got a fondue pot for my birthday. So I made a regular cheese fondue - 300 grams of comté, 300 grams of emmenthal, and 300 grams of beaufort. A half a bottle of a vin blanc from Savoie. But the bread was key. The baker's wife looked surprised at my choices, I think she must be more of a traditionalist when it comes to appropriate breads for fondue. My choices included olive bread, chorizo bread, bacon and hazelnut flute, and smoked salmon flute. We also dipped cubes of garlic sausage and saucisson sec. Amazing.

But the most wonderful part of the whole meal? Well, it was shared with Zeb's (my oldest brother) wife and daughter, D and C, who came for a surprise visit to cheer us up. Everyday Boy2 says, "You stay here, right?" While Boy1 declared the visit made him very happy, he could not help adding that it would be much better if they could stay through Christmas. He had no thoughts for my brother and nephew who would then have to spend Christmas without wife/mother and sister.

An excellent meal, all the way around.


zeb said...

I could have done without the bread reference, you know how much I love the bread.

beth said...

I'm so happy that family arrived just in time for some holiday cheer. Please tell D that her Christmas letter gave me a laugh - I loved it. Now, I must have some fondue - my mouth is watering. (reminds me of my Chicago days at Geja's (sp?) Fondue)!!

gina said...

I remember in college having fondue parties where we'd have multiple fondue pots - one with oil, one with cheese, and one with chocolate - and all sorts of terrific breads, meats, and fruits to dip into them.

Le Nightowl said...
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Le Nightowl said...

love fondue savoyarde!
Do you get a forfeit when you drop your bit of bread in the pot? (as tradition has it)
Excellent variety of ingredients in your recipe :)

PS: I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but the word verification didn't work (the letters didn't appear). Blogger can be a real pain at times!

Doc said...

really good too, and a bit lighter, is an alsatian fondue --filet of chicken and turkey seasoned with herbs and cooked in Reisling. I do loves me some fondue

julie said...

Love fondue! I always think of the other cheese fantasy...raclette with you and O when I came to visit. I also posted on shadow sister...don't know how far back you check. Merry Christmas if I don't speak to you before.

Lorraine said...

How fun for you all! I love fondue. Let's have some when we come to visit...even though it's not a very summertime food.

Sabine said...

I think fondue is great, but I still prefer raclette... And yes, I am aware of the big debate which is better, raclette or fondue. I just enjoy that there are so many different ways to eat raclette and still it remains a great entertaining way to dine.