Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shadow siblings

I have two shadow sisters, Meghan and Tanya. I'm not sure why I call them that, although I'm sure that's what they are. And I don't remember where I first heard that phrase. Maybe from Mary Kleyweg, the still-famous disappered therapist. Regardless.

I don't see them very often, in real life. The last time I saw Tanya was in 1994 or 95 in San Francisco. We just had time for dinner and heavy conversation. The last time I saw Meg was in 1999, on my last (sniff, sniff, weep, weep) trip to Seattle. I stayed with her for a few nights and when I left she gave me her buckwheat pillow. Which has since been vomitted on by Boy1, rendering it unusable. But I'll never forget my first bucky or the person who gave it to me.

Anyway, despite the distance and poor email habits (mine), I still feel close to them. Because every once in a while, they visit me in my dreams and tell me something really important. Which is why I call them shadow sisters. Last night Meg showed up and, after listening to me bitch for a long time, she hugged me and said, "Nicole, stop complaining and get it together." I can't think of a more important message.

So here's my question - who's your shadow sibling?


Anonymous said...

Mine's called Peter Pan. His shadow visits me every now and then and whispers in my ear: "Let's have adventures!"

So I do. And they make me feel better

Peter Pan's shadow can be rented most weekends for a small slice of key lime pie.

zeb said...

I did not have time for a shadow sibling I had you.

beth said...

No time for shawdow siblings, I barely have time for my real sibling. But, perhaps I need one to set me straight on a few things.

Nicole said...

Charlie - As well they should. I'll give you a slice of key lime pie for free.

Zeb and Beth - Since when is having a shadow sibling a question of having time?

zeb said...

Nice job skirting what I really meant and you know what I meant.

Christina said...

oh nicole, such an imagination.
by the way...we were SO close to pulling it off. you and your damn january plans! :) :)

beth said...

OK - I'll try harder to get a shadow sibling

Le Nightowl said...

My shadow sister stays where she belongs, in the shadows :)

Nicole said...

Christina - Oh man, now I'm going to have to clean the house.

Zeb - I'm still your shadow.

Beth - That's better.

Marie - Lucky she's so well-behaved.

Christina said...

haha naw...a messy house doesnt bother me!
...anxiously waiting for the limo to arrive for a long day of travel.

julie said...

You know they say everyone in your dreams is really you. Sometimes that really freaks me out. Also I would say you might qualify as a shadown sister but you usually tell me what I need to hear on the phone early in the morning.