Saturday, August 11, 2007

A few things

1. Husband and I have been invited to a wedding by a count and a countess. Never really thought that would happen.

2. I had a coffee in a castle today. Ditto.

3. Leftover buttercream frosting should be immediately frozen or it should be discarded. It should not be left in the refrigerator. Because I have discovered that everything is better frosted. Butter cookies. Slices of cake that were already frosted. Spoons. My index finger. I know no moderation.

4. My work schedule is a mess for this year. Wish me luck with the whole working mother cooking housecleaning determining life's purpose thing.


Sarah said...

Re #1: It's so hard to meet counts and countesses here in Colorado. You'll have to write lots about the royal wedding so the rest of us can live vicariously through you.

Re #3: What an exquisite dilemma! Sounds like me and Nutella.

Re #4: That's a dilemma I too will be dealing with come January. I welcome any insight.

Lorraine said...

I say, when the demands of your work and home life get too much you simply say, "Well, pish! I have been to the weddings of counts and countessas. I have had coffee ina castle". And then, rather than letting the mundane get you down, frost something yummy and eat it. Voila!

Anonymous said...

Work an hour more a day and get a cleaning lady! Julie

Reb said...

Yup, I vote for the hiring a cleaner too. It is tax deductable (but your sanity isn't)

beth said...

Can't wait to hear the blog about the count and countess wedding!

gina said...

1. WOWOWOWOW! How lucky are you???
2. Ditto!
3. Oh man. I am right there with you. I have totally done that, more often than I care to admit.
4. Who needs a clean house? Pft.

beth said...

In your honor (and the fact that I am so blipping tired today) I am right now at this very moment, having a cup of coffee

Nicole said...

Sarah - It's in September - not that long to wait. Re#4, my insight is worthless.

Lorraine - Yes but the 6 pounds from the US will not go away if I keep hitting the frosting.

Julie - I'm considering it.

Reb - I have noticed the missing lost sanity box in tax forms.

Gina - I know I know but here's the thing. I can't live without a clean house, but I can't seem to get a clean house either.

Beth - I hope it helps.