Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A few franco-americano things

1. The US government is planning on making visas obligatory for all European travellers, tourists and business poeople alike. Husband's very pleased about that one.

2. It goes without saying, of course, that if they go ahead with that plan, some European governmental body will then make visas obligatory for all American travellers.

3. Isn't this fun?


zeb said...

It is all about the money.

zeb said...

I looked into this and I did not see where France would be included.

beth said...

Dumb question: what is the difference between a travel visa and a passport?

Nicole said...

Zeb - It was in the paper - I'll try to find the reference.

Beth - A travel visa is written permission given by a government allowing you to travel in their country for a limited amount of time. You need it in addition to your passport to go to certain countries.

Eric said...

True but isn't that what the stamp in your passport is?

Nicole said...

Eric - No, the stamp's just there for the date info. And to be pretty.

Lex Lata said...


(Are you as tired of that as I am?)

Nicole said...

Lex Lata - Oh my gosh yes.

zeb said...

Nicole-check your email I sent you some info.

zeb said...


Citizens from 15 of the European Union's 27 nations can now visit the USA without visas. Their passports, along with address, phone number and credit card information that they supply to airlines, allow them entry for up to 90 days. The 15 are:

United Kingdom

5 more nations to be visa-free

Under the new law, five more EU members are eligible for visa-free travel to the USA. They qualify because their rate of applicants refused a visa falls below 10%.

Percentage refused
Czech Republic 9.4%
Estonia 7.1%
Malta 2.8%
Cyprus 2.2%
Greece 2.2%

7 still need visas to enter USA

Seven EU nations have refusal rates for visa applicants above 10%, which makes them ineligible for the visa waiver program. To visit the USA, their citizens must get visas from U.S. consulates and embassies. Applicants must provide proof of property ownership, bank accounts and employment to indicate they would return home.

Percentage refused
Romania 34.1%
Lithuania 27.7%
Poland 26.2%
Latvia 21.6%
Bulgaria 17.5%
Slovakia 16.0%
Hungary 12.7%

Source: U.S. State Department. Refusal rates are for the federal fiscal year 2006 that ended Sept. 30.

beth said...

Zeb - it's so good to know that you are still as smart as ever - I'm very impressed! And, I know Nicole is probably cringing as she reads this

zeb said...

Beth-just for the record I did only put this on so people would not be confused. I think Nicole's info is jaded because the EU speaks as one and the USA looks at each country instead.

Nicole said...
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Lorraine said...

Papers! You need papers!

Nicole said...

Beth - I gave up cringing a long time ago.

Zeb - My post was in response to an article written before the weekend when the US had made known its intentions to establish an electronic visa system (like Australia's) for ALL EU countries, including the big 15 (GErmany, France, Italy, Spain etc). When the article was published, there was a meeting planned between the State Dept or whoever manages that and the EU reps to discuss the whole thing. Apparently they came to a civilized agreement. Go figure. That's rare in meetings.

Lorraine - See why I need you in my life?