Friday, August 17, 2007

Kid stuff

Husband and I took the kids to a horrible amusement park thing place. It was really awful. It was hot and dirty and crowded and the lines were long and the food was disgusting and most of the attractions looked unsafe to me. But anyway, we got a little lost on the way there. There being about 90 minutes north of Laval. We were driving around a village looking for signs and we finally found a little grocery store that was open (it was sunday so nothing else was). So I hopped out of the car and went to ask the grocer woman for directions. There were no parking places on that block so Husband kept driving. Boy2 yelled, "No Papa, you can't leave Mama here! I need her."


beth said...

That comment alone was worth the crappy amusement park! Yeah Boy2

Reb said...

that is so sweet!

Lorraine said...

Nice to know you're loved.