Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

A dear friend asked for impressions about my homeland. I'll start off with the most important items.

1. The coffee there doesn't make me as jittery as the coffee here. Strange.

2. The kit-kats are better here than in the US. More chocolaty and less sugary.

3. Being uninsured in the US sucks.

4. I'd be really fat if I lived in the US.

I know this is a lot to take in at once. I'll try to make tomorrow's post a little less profound.


beth said...

I don't know any knowledge about items 1 and 2. I strongly agree with 3 and as far as 4 goes - I think a lot of it depends on where you live. I don't remember anyone ever walking anywhere where we grew up (a lot is weather related) here in Sonoma, everyone walks everywhere - I average about 18,000 steps a day because my friends and put our kids in the stroller and do all of our errands by walking (yes, I sometimes wear a pedometer). Anyway - Happy Birthday G!! I tried to call her yesterday but she was at the beach.

Lorraine said...

I live in the US. I am getting really fat. I've decided to start pretending I live in France.

And happy birthday, Mom!

Anonymous said...


Nicole said...

Beth - You'll never be fat.

Lorraine - You are so not fat.

Anon - I cannot stop. You're one of my favorite hobbies.

gina said...

I am not surprised that French coffee is stronger. I have to WORK to get my homemade espresso as strong as I'd like - the beans just aren't the same here, and Youngest Son commented on the difference in coffee when he was in France. As for #3 and #4, you are right on. I had Youngest Son when we were uninsured, and had a C-Section. Even back in 1986 it still cost me $5000, and that was at a county hospital. I joke that I didn't own him until he was 5 year old and the bill was paid off. Of course, it's much worse nowadays.

And Happy Birthday, Mom!

beth said...

thanks - but tell that to my Italian back side.
Happy Birthday to your Mom!