Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can I do that too?

There's a blogger scheduled outage, sometime today, I'll be sleeping, or almost because apparently all things blogger are managed on California time. Fine by me. There are a few things in life that really should be managed California style. Washington (state, not DC) too. Illinois too. Actually, I like to think that every state (both United and soul) has something it manages to do better than any other. Washington - coffee, for starters. Illinois - wild mushrooms. This funky soul state I'm currently in - hopefully blow one speck of dust off that mirror.

I would also like to add that I love the notion of a scheduled outage. I would like to schedule one myself. Just a parenthetical notation of a few hours, a day maybe, a week would be ideal but that would logistically be difficult to manage. I would take the time to look at the chips, suspended in mid-air before they fall.


beth said...

When I started reading yoru blog - I thought you were heading toward a poltical blog - but as I continued to read I quickly found that you weren't!! But I do agree, as a resident of California - I think there are very, very few things that should be managed california style! What's with the scheduled outage??

The Idle Devil said...

Hey, when's that?

Nicole said...

Beth - I was really only speaking about the good things in life, food, wine etc.

TID - Came and went without our notice!