Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Take away

Tell me what you will remember, tell me what you will always know.

Just the shadowed outline, the context that confines. The title of each chapter of this work that is pure fiction.

So I can leave it here, to be buried in the ground. I will let time take care of the things I cannot. I will come back years from now and see what the earth has been able to do with it, the work I could not do. Listen to the stories the dirt tells about its petrification. Witness its transformation into the smoothest of river stones.


kingba said...

gem stones? worry stones? ornamental stones? and listen some more to the stories the stones have to say, they will be our witnesses for the times to come long long into the future. Yes, nice poemes z'en prose, dear authoress!

beth said...

The line "I will let time take care of the things I cannot" has so much meaning to it. . .at least for me.

Nicole said...

Kingba - thank you

Beth - Me too