Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Four people told me they thought something strange was going on yesterday. Cosmic energies swirling about.

Julie pointed out to me how strange it was to hear a mother (me) say to her children, "Stop bickering and stop speaking French."

My favorite violet ice cream doesn't taste very good anymore. It tastes like shampoo.

Boy1 had an dental appointment this morning. Not his first. Cavities were involved. He was anxious. While we were in the waiting room I walked him through a couple of visualization exercises. When he opened his eyes he said, "Thank you, Mama. I can do this anytime I need to find my courage."


beth said...

Love Boy1's comment! Something weird happened to me to this past weekend - Some creap exposed himself to me in our little town of Sonoma - thankfully I did not have the girls with me!

The Idle Devil said...

I can understand his anxiety...felt the same yesterday at the doctor's office. What visualization exercises did u get him to do?

Nicole said...

Beth - Yuck.

TID - 1st chakra with a grounding cord going to the center of the earth and wrapping around the deepest, thickest roots of the oldest, tallest tree on the planet.