Monday, March 02, 2009

Urban myth revealed to be true

The Ikea in Rennes actually exists.

I went there this weekend.

Of course, I went with a very specific (and short) list of things I wanted (2).

Of course, I spent the double of what I had intended to and came home with items (5) that were not on my list.

On the upside, I'm very pleased with everything I bought.

On the downside, heavy dining room tables are best assembled in good (read: strong) company, not alone. I put it together without much difficulty, although I did realize that I need a new philips screwdriver, but turning it right side up was a huge (read: heavy) pain in the ass.


Lorraine said...

I have never in all my born days ever, ever left Ikea without buying more than I intended. Never ever.

Post a picture of the new dining table, please. Then we'll all be suitably impressed.

Nicole said...

Lorraine - I know! They're the gods of impulse buying. Will take pix.

The Idle Devil said...

Yeah I want to see what the table looks like. Just looking through the catalog makes me certain I will spend a fortune there! It's thankfully not in India yet :)

beth said...

One of my favorite toys is my electric screw driver - or power drill is what I think they call it - I purchased it after buying a heavy computer table about 15 years ago - took me hours and many advil to assemble

Ksam said...

Haha, I thought the same thing myself when I drove by it in January - it was almost like a mirage - I was like "wait, is it actually here, after all this time??"

Nicole said...

TID - I'm in Nantes today but I will take pictures when I get back.

Beth - I definitely need to get one of those.

Sam - Hi! I felt the same way. And for a saturday morning it wasn't too crowded with other urban myth truth seekers.

Leah said...

I just went there a couple of weeks ago myself and went in to buy a present for a friend and went out with a coffee table...go figure!