Sunday, November 30, 2014

the space between

The familiar of yesterday.  A constellation you've spent thousands of nights gazing at.  Familiar patterns, lights that guide reliably and silently.  Leather-bound and treasured, that is what you have always been here.  Reined. 

The unknown of tomorrow.  Treasures unwrapped. You watch it unravel, unfurl, untwist.  Unwrapped and open, a gift.

A love knot.  Made from the ribbons of the past, who you were, and strands of the future, who you will be.  You do not let go of one to become another.  You look at them, clearly for once, and bind them together.  You let the strength of the past stabilize the now and beyond, but mindfully so. 

Nothing binds you here, there are only sparkling bracelets at your wrists.  Adornments that remind you that everything that once held now only decorates. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

time of death

Another day, another sword.  Battle ready and poised to strike.  Rubies and sapphires in the hilt, their color drawn from blood sought and shed, truth sought and found.  The shine of this sword is no accident, nothing is.  A mirror image, so nothing can be hidden.  Remember that. 

Do you know what it means to carry blood and truth in your hands?

You have no power here.  Pretty is as pretty does so I'll whisper it.  A whisper is the pearl necklace of truth.  And whispered, it is still true. 

You have no power here. 

Saturday, November 08, 2014


Rainbows of a different sort.  All the right colors, ribbons grounded below your feet, circling up, wrapped around you just tight enough to be confusing. 

Security or constraint?

Bound yes, but with softness and beauty.  Colored silk, smooth and watery, no knots to be found. 

You assumed it was to keep you prisoner.  You learn it was to keep you safe from harm.  You understand the only risk of harm comes from within.

I am the sum of all daughters before me.  I carry our history with me, silent tattoos etched from within - a map of those things you cannot trust to memory.