Sunday, October 27, 2019

If there's only one thing

Twisting, seething, breathing darkness fills unfamiliar skies.  No landmarks, no signs, no friendly strangers who might offer directions.  The only light is the lantern someone's friend's sister swears is here but that you can't see yet.

Standing still seems like asking for trouble so you move, you imagine there's music and you dance in the darkness.  Serpentine, swirling, swaying as you feel the darkness whisper its secrets to you.

You realize you've been here before.  You know this place, even though you don't.  Where time is on a vertical axis and everything exists at once.  When you existed before you existed and after you're gone.

You also realize you know nothing about what you can do, no idea what you are capable of.  Your hands are instruments you don't know how to play yet.