Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Moments of Truth, Tome 1

While we were away several truths were revealed to me.

The first is that in the fight against dirty laundry, I will never win.

The laundry and I have a tacit agreement. I do some most days and it doesn't pile up. I iron button-down shirts and bed/kitchen linens once a week. I never get cocky and say things like, "Ha! No clothes in any of the laundry baskets. I'm all caught up." Before leaving for our long weekend, I did ALL the laundry. While we were away FOR 4 DAYS, I did two loads. When I returned, I had two loads to do. How is that possible?

The second is that I am either far too predictable or I drink too much coffee.

Friday afternoon my husband took the boys off to play. Just before leaving, Boy2 said, "Mama come too?"

I replied, "No, I'm going to stay here. Just you guys and Papa are going."

Boy2 gave me a knowing look and said, "Ah. Mama cup coffee."


zeb said...

It comes with age and your not getting any younger!!!!!

Check your email

christi said...

you are predictable in regards to your coffee habits...flashback to the number of times we stopped at that lil cafe you go to in laval... :)

and noooo... i still don't drink it!

zeb said...

Speaking of coffee I think our hotel in Paris is about 1 block from a Starbucks!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Zeb - Well then I suggest you swing back by here before leaving. A double tall soy mocha no whip please. No comment on the age thing.

Christi - of course not, not princessy enough for you is it? you only drink champagne...

Beth said...

Ah coffee - it is not a pleasant site to see a hyper Italian on coffee - neither my sister or I drink it - and all of our friends are thankful for that fact. But then again, I never lived in Seatle - maybe that's part of the coffee appeal!

Nicole said...

Beth - I was already hooked before moving to Seattle. Living there just made me picky about it. And of course now I miss Cafe Vivace everyday.