Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Promises, promises

Before leaving for work this morning, my husband spoke sternly to both boys while I was upstairs getting dressed. They were both a little grumpy this morning for unknown (even to them, I think) reasons and I believe husband was trying to insure that they wouldn't make life too hard for me today. It's wednesday and since there's no school in France on wednesdays, he was imagining a morning full of whining and bickering.

It went fine with Boy1. Boy2, on the otherhand, is 2.

"Boy2, I want you to be really well-behaved this morning."

"No, Papa."

"I want you to cooperate with Mama if she asks you to do something."

"No, Papa."


"I don't like to cooperate with Mama."


"Because I said I don't like to cooperate with Mama." This was said, of course, with hands on hips.

Ah, a morning full of promise.


beth said...

That was pretty cute. No school on Wednesdays - how great that must be for the kids! I hope he is cooperating with mama!

Eric said...

Sell him to to the Gypsies

zeb said...

He is just expressing his opinion just like his mom used to do as a little girl. Like I did with you I will be happy to deal with boy 2 in just 1 week.

Nicole said...

Beth - not so much. Although he was very cooperative during his nap.

Eric - Some days I consider selling myself to the Gypsies.

Zeb - Have at it. You will be paid handsomely in wine and caramel.

charlie said...

All of which reminds me so much of when my two boys were that age. What kept me cheerful was the knowledge that I would avoid the exquisite torture of having to live with teenage daughters. And so it proved. Other people's daughters plunged families into misery during their teenage years whereas my boys got prgressively better AND i was able to send them off to homes wherein sulked teenage girls. Bliss! Your future looks rosy, Nicole, so hold off with the gypsies, as least insofar as your boys are concerned.


Lorraine said...

Enfant terrible...the only French I can pronounce correctly...

beth said...

Ah, nap time. . .it's just like a piece of heaven. I will be mailing See's choc's either today or tomorrow - hope you enjoy! They should arrive by the time eldest brother & family arrive.

christi said...

oh my godson has quite the personality on him....least he's not biting anymore!

Nicole said...

Charlie - Ah, encouraging words from a survivor. Thank you.

Lorraine - Enfant vraiment terrible. He's so lucky he's sweet and cuddly otherwise.

Beth - Thanks in advance. I'm not sure I'll share them though.

Christi - I wonder where he gets it - probably from you. Thanks a bunch.