Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Color me tired

Boy1 and I love talking to Boy2 about colors. He learned them all very early and well. And he identifies a lot of things by color.

Today in the car Boy1 asked Boy2 the following questions,

"What color is your school?" It's yellow.
And he's right, the entry hall is bright yellow. There are, obviously, lots of other colors at the school but that's apparently the important one.

"What color is Mama's main work?" Red.
The sign is indeed red.

"What color is Mama's other work?" Blue.

"What color are Mama's eyes?" Blue and purple.
Well, yeah, they're blue. But purple? I asked him why purple.

We were home by this point. He touched, very gently, underneath my eyes.

See Mama? Right here. You have two purple bruises on your eyes.

Husband doesn't beat me so I'm thinking my dark circles have gotten out of hand.

And I'm thinking I need to start wearing cover-up. Or something.


Tigue said...

Don't you just love how kids say exactly what they mean? No holds barred, no edit button!

zeb said...

He is more and more like his name sake all the time.

Doc said...

Cover up? Wouldn't sleep be a better solution? Or an extended tropical vacation, preferably with your favorite pregnant ex-pat American pal in Haute Marne?

Nicole said...

Tigue - I do. But sometimes...

Zeb - We are all in big trouble.

Doc - Well, yes, I suppose it would. But between the friggin flippin lame ass time change and Boy2 waking me up 3 times coughing and crying, I haven't really been able to get the kind of rest I would like. As for the Extended Tropical Vacation, hereonoutreferredtoas ETV, sign me up.

Christina said...

ah, brutal honestly. gotta luv it!

beth said...

No cover up needed - cucumbers on the eyes also help the dark circles! Every time we went to a dr appt when I was pregnant, my oldest would tell the dr that we are here because of mommy's really big belly - honesty!

Doc said...

My Tired crayon is broken. Can we color you a new color now?

Lorraine said...

Poor baby.