Wednesday, March 07, 2007

He said what?

I spoke with Boy1's teacher after school yesterday. She mentioned his 'adventure' from the day before. Realizing I had no idea what she was referring to, she explained.

Boy1, it would seem, and Inès, a classmate, kissed each other on the mouth in the schoolyard monday afternoon in front of a large audience. The majority of that audience thought it important enough to tell their teacher what they had seen. The following is exactly what the teacher described to me.

So, after recess, she spoke to Boy1 and his partner-in-innocent-crime about what they had done. "The other children tell me that you kissed each other on the mouth. Is that true?"

Boy1, looking completely unperturbed, said yes. Inès, looking shame-faced, said nothing. Inès was the apparent instigator of the kiss, having been encouraged to passer à l'acte (make a move) by the older kids.

"And how do you feel about that?" continued Teacher.

Boy1 replied, "Pas mal. C'était pas mal du tout." (Not bad. Not bad at all.)

Inès said nothing.

Teacher then took advantage of the opportunity to remind all the children in the class that they are, in fact, children, and that certain activities and actions are reserved for the adult world. Including kissing on the mouth. She did so with humour and respect for their feelings and all parties left the episode with dignity and innocence intact. I hope. Although the fact that Boy1 failed to report these events makes me wonder.

In further boy news, I called up to Boy2, as he was walking down our wood stairs, to be careful not to slip if he was wearing socks.

He replied, "I won't slip Mama, I'm not wearing socks. I'm just wearing my feet."


Christina said...

aaaand it begins....haha. i'm sure you loved having that convo with the teacher.

gina said...

Ahhhh, little boys. They are so entertaining.

I still can't forget when my grandson told me his dad was hunting canteloupes. When I asked him "don't you buy those in the store?" he replied, "no grammy, you have to shoot them." His dad was antelope hunting with my dad. I love it. I think I love little boys best of all. How cute - I'm only wearing my feet. Perfect! And so happy Boy1 felt just fine about that kiss. Absolutely adorable!

Lorraine said...

Right then. I'm thinking we won't make the same offer to you that you've made to us relative to taking our child for a summer before high school. Something tells me I wouldn't be able to handle Boy1's escapades.

Nicole said...

Christina - It kind of had a surreal edge to it.

Gina - And then the grow up and go on trips to Paris...

Lorraine - Way too late. Offer has already been accepted and cleared with the legal department.