Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Famille nombreuse

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law announced that they are expecting a fourth child in the fall. Well, actually, they didn't announce it. Their oldest child, in a flurry of 7-year old indignation, announced it.

We were all a bit surprised. They have 3 kids, 7, 6, and 2. Two girls and a boy, a dog, and a boat. No one thought they'd have anymore. They're 37, both working as lawyers, SIL part-time and BIL fulltime. Their family seemed complete. And yet. Here they are, awaiting the birth of their fourth child.

Four kids. Now, I know there are people out there who think that's no big deal. Lots of people have four kids. But it still amazes me.

At the boys' school, there are lots of large families. As a matter of fact, I would say we are a part of the exception and not the rule with 'only' our two boys. I have, every once in a while, thought about more kids. But not three, because middle kids always get the shaft. And not four because, jeez, I'd be breastfeeding for, like, EVER. So that leaves two as the only reasonable option. And besides, I'm occasionally a screaming freak with two. What would I be like with four?

But these moms with many seem to be of a totally different breed. A calmer breed. Feathers unruffleable breed.

I admire smooth feathers.


Doc said...

If you'd like to try life with four, and eventually five, I'll be MUCH MORE than happy to lend you mine for a few days ;)

Lorraine said...

A) Please give SIL/BIL our congratulations. 2) That's just nuts.


I Think You're a Hero for Having 2; 1 is Plenty pour moi.

pat said...

LOL - I am just like you - a often frazzled mother of 2 boys!!! I could NEVER have had more - I do not see myself as one of calm mothers of many children! Just not me!

zeb33 said...

Give them our best.

As for you with more than 2 all I can say is the next one would have been a girl just like you and we all know you don't want that.

Nicole said...

Doc - Have you no concern for their health and well-being?

Lorraine - 1. Will do. 2. I KNOW. I mostly feel crazy and never very heroic.

Pat - Exactly.

Zeb - Will do.
You are so right.