Friday, March 09, 2007

I should've brushed my teeth first

I got a package in the mail today from BC. In it were ginger chews (strong and yummy), Grey's Anatomy First Season on dvd, a note for moi, and cute pictures of her babies. The boys are great fans of packages, as they very often contain items for them. I reminded them that this package was just for me. They appeared to believe me. I left the package, opened, on the dining room table.

I went upstairs at 7 to take a shower. The boys were watching a dvd (not Grey's Anatomy). When I came down, I heard what sounded much like the breathing exercises I used during childbirth. Rapid inhales and exhales with lips pursed. I walked into the family room to investigate.

I found two boys who had found the ginger chews. Boy1 was managing. Boy2 was not. The breathing was coming from him and it seemed to be helping him with the sting about as much as it helped me during childbirth. He raced into the kitchen for water. And drank two glasses.

Tonight, at bedtime, I tucked Boy2 in. I had just eaten an after-dinner ginger chew. I leaned down to hug him good night. He pushed me away and said, "No Mama. Please, no spicy hugs."


Margie said...

How funny! Maybe "chocolate hugs" are better? Ah curiosity was too much for them. I guess your candy is safe now!
My kids also love getting packages which are usually for them! I'm sure the guy can hear them screaming "La Poste, La Poste" when the yellow truck stops in front of our house. No need to worry if we're home, he knows before he rings the bell.

Lorraine said...

Hee! "Spicy hugs". Love. It.

Nicole said...

Margie - He would love chocolate hugs. And he's inherited Husband's sense of smell so I can never sneak-eat chocolate when he's around. Sucks.

Lorraine - Wait til you meet him, he's definitely a crowd pleaser.