Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I bought a few things at my favorite café the other day. As I was walking out, Laurent, so sweet, handed me something, the sweetest something, as I walked out the door. I got back into the car with my bag of stuff and a tin full of my favorite chocolate covered almonds.

Boy2 - Are those chocolates? Those look like chocolates. Are they Mama?

Me - Yes. And no, you may not have any.

Boy2 - What? Why? You share everything with us, you always let us taste your food and you always let us have the chocolate you get when you have a coffee.

Me - Because you've got bags of Easter chocolate to eat, you don't need anymore and these are my favorites, not yours, you won't feel about them the way I do. These chocolates need to be loved.

Boy2 starts laughing.

Boy1 has known me for 3 years more than Boy2.

Boy1 - Um, I'm afraid she's not joking.


Christina said...

so....did you end up sharing it? ha!

Nicole said...

Christi - you've known me much longer than both of them - what do you think?

beth said...

I share your love of chocolate covered almonds

Anonymous said...

You should make a book of all of these blogs one day. Boys 1&2 will really enjoy them when they are older.

Nicole said...

Beth - great minds...

Anon - I've put that on my list of shoulds. What's on yours?