Monday, April 06, 2009

Night blue

You think, for a time, that a brief séjour in the basement might do you some good. A salt-preserved, self-preserved time out. Your eyes get used to the artificial light, then to no light at all - lights burn out.

You keep yourself busy, you keep yourself company. You could build a whole life down here.

When you come up from this basement, and I swear you will, your hands will be full of all the things you never thought you could do. You try them out here first, in the dark, unaware that it's blue dark - the kind that speaks. You're so weary of the black dark that keeps secrets - but you're unaware of that too.

When you walk up the stairs and leave nothing behind, you will know.

That which is done in the dark is still true.


beth said...

I am only half way up the basement stairs - my basement is very cluttered. How about you - are you still on the stairs

Nicole said...

Beth - Still in the basement.

beth said...

After this morning, I think I just dropped a few more stairs back toward the basement!

Nicole said...

Beth- You're in good company.