Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tried and true

Tests, by nature, are designed to reveal.   Level, rank, resources.  Character, motivation, determination.    

I took a class in graduate school  - testing theory.  Not that it has helped me in real life.  My tests are never fair and the grading scale is harsh and no one ever seems to have the proper test taking skills.  

So I've revised my methodology.   The tests are over.  It's now trial by fire.

Question for the day:  when was the last time you were tested?


beth said...

Does being tested by your children count? Because at times, I do think they are grading me.

julie said...

Thursday....two weeks ago.....December....July.....May....I am now fired to a beautiful sheen....I see you shining toogarote

julie said...

the garote was the word verification...whoops

Roxanne said...

Everytime I pass by the counter filled with Easter candy and I don't have any!

Nicole said...

Beth - mine too! I'm quite certain I flunk on occasion.

Julie - yes you are. Beautifully sheened.

Roxanne - I fail that test every time.