Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Of the baking variety.

It started with chocolate shortbread with white chocolate icing on monday. My first experience with a pastry bag. What a joke. We ended up using a spoon and made pretty zig-zags over the cookies. They were gone within 2 days.

During which time I made pain d'épice because I was out.

So wednesday we made Black Forest Cookies. Which were supposed to be double chocolate chunk cookies with dried cherries. But I didn't have any on hand that day so I used raisins. Which everyone loved, except Husband. Who doesn't like fruit in general and certainly not in his chocolate cookies. I believe his exact words were, "Why would you ruin a perfectly good chocolate cookie with a raisin?" He actually sneered when he said raisin.

Thursday afternoon I made vanilla cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting for the bake sale at school that afternoon.

And then. At some point, either drunk or delirious, I promised the boys we would make Easter sugar cookies to bring to school on the last day before Easter break. Which was friday.

So thursday evening we made 65 bells, fish, chicks, and rabbits. And then we iced them. Because I apparently promised that too.

Husband pouted because there were only 10 leftover for home.

My favorites? The Black Forest Cookies with raisins not cherries. They were amazing. And every mouthful tasted like Raisinets. Which are, along with ginger chews, my favorite candy. I think they deserve their own special food group. Happy food.


Doc said... sugar just went over 200 readnig that post. Are you trying to kill me woman?

beth said...

I have to admit, I was upset when the recipe for those cookies did not follow your post - how can you leave my mouth watering like that?? Will that recipe soon follow?? Also, how do you not gain 100 lbs with all the wonderful baking you do?

Nicole said...

Doc - Sorry! I totally forgot to put the All-pregnant-women-with nearly-gestational-diabetes-should abstain-from-reading label on it.

Beth - I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Doc - don't read the recipe tomorrow.

Lorraine said...

I'm with the Husband. "Raisins" she said, with a sneer.

Doc said...

recipe? recipe schmecipe. I prefer a care package.

And I will read it and I will totally blame you if I end up in a diabetic coma so deep that I wake up after the birth and after breast feeding thing, and oh! after the ptty training as well. Yep, damn skippy, I'm gunna read! Twice even.

Laura said...

it's a shame i didn't run into you/your blog when i was would've been interesting to see another American there. do you live in town or on the outskirts?

Nicole said...

Lorraine - May I suggest currants?

Doc - From what I've heard, the thrid one just potty-trains herself. Still, read at your own risk...

Laura - We live two blocks off of rue de la paix (by the préfecture)

Laura said...

the world is too small. i lived in the FJT around the corner from the prefecture....i wonder if you go to the same boulangerie as I did...a mostly bad one on the rue de mayenne (i think that's what it was called, the one with the indian restaurant, church, store with all the kitchen stuff and mexican restaurant) with a blue awning run by a VERY unpleasant woman. i'd love to exchange an email but at wary of posting my email address here