Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programme

to bring you this very important message.

I'm coming home.

Passports have been obtained, tickets have been bought, credit cards have been maxed.

Husband, Boys and I will be in the Chicago-land area from July 4th until July 25th.

Come see us if you can or call if you can't.

It's been 4 years since our last visit and Boy2 didn't see much on that trip, other than the inside of my womb.

So, expectations are high all the way around.


beth said...

Yeah - Sister and niece will be out here for a visit over July 4th and then we will be in Hawaii during the week of July 15th - This may not work because it will be really smashed in - but if I can get a fly home (of course with kids) with Phyllis and stay for a few days, could you squeeze a visit with me in? But, I don't know if that's possible since we will be leaving for Hawaii one week after Phyllis leaves - Man I want to see you! I thought you were tryng for August - and of course, that entire month is completely open!

Nicole said...

Beth - Of course, of course. Anything you can work out will be great.

Amy H said...

If for some weird reason you are in Chicago's western suburb of Geneva, stop by my friend Kim's take-out gourmet place "Moveable Feast"!

Everything is good there, but the brownies are to die for.

Have fun and good luck with the air travel!

Christina said...

I am SOOO excited.. you have no idea!!!

Nicole said...

Amy - Does she have a blog? I swear I've seen that name before. I'm freaking out already about the air travel. Good thing I'm not nursing any more, I want something serious to calm me down.

christina - me too. clear your calendar for those three weeks, ok?

beth said...

I have no idea how I'm going to swing going to Chicago in July, but I sure am going to try - I'll either email you in a few days or if you have time, give me a call. I would really like to see you - but I'm sure I'm on a long list of people that want to see you - and I don't want to go crazy with scheduling visits with everyone - so let's talk.

Christina said...

I will have work mon-thurs in the mornings, and class twice a week, but other than that, i'll be able to hang!

Margie said...

How exciting! Kids must be thrilled. We'll be going to Chicago almost exactly one month after you guys. It'll be two years for us.
I'm in the process now of figuring out all the places we can visit since it'll be summertime and the kids are a little older.
Good luck with all the travel plans, it always goes by so fast!

Lorraine said...

We're going to be in Chicago the first week of July. Just saying.