Friday, April 20, 2007

What would you have thought if you had heard this?

Sometimes I am so glad people around here don't speak English that well.

Like yesterday at the grocery store.

Boy2 was having a hard time. He was unhappy about the rules of conduct (no running around, no fussing, no arguing with his brother and no asking me to buy stuff).

After being reminded of them, he crossed his arms in front of his chest and pouted.

I said, "You need to come with me to the next aisle. I'm not going to wait for you here to get your act together."

His reply, "No Mama. What I need is to live my own life."


zeb said...

That is my boy. By the way that is exactly something you would have said at the same age so as they say "what goes around comes around princess"

Christina said...

WOW-that kid is amazing.

Lorraine said...

Ok, remember the time I was trying to get The Child (then age 3) to go down for her nap and mayhem ensued and I said, "You need to take a nap" and she said, "No, I do not need a nap. I just need a day to myself".

Our children are brilliant. Maybe we should rethink getting them together.

beth said...

I am always amazed (and impressed) at what comes out of my 3 year old's mouth. As far was what Zeb said, I can only hope what comes around goes around because unless my memory is totally off - I was a pretty good kid.

Amy H said...

Holy cow! Just wait 'til he's a teenager!!

But then again, just wait for him to be an adult. He definitely won't be one of those living at home until his mid-30s. (Like my French hubby.)