Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Ridiculous, Tome 2

A couple of things, actually.

Myself being at the top of the list.

Yesterday afternoon I got into a verbal altercation in our street with some guy. Who thought I shouldn't have touched his bumper while parking. Touch is the right word, I swear. Isn't that what bumpers are for? Bumping just a smidge?

Anyway, he went off. Started his first sentence with a mean word and finishing it in a similar manner. And yesterday was just not the day to mess with me. Unfortunatley for all those involved, which at one point was a lot of people since all the cars in the street couldn't get through because mean dude and I were verbally duking it out in the middle of the street. No winner could be declared and I definitely feel like a loser today.

I was, of course, thoroughly ashamed of myself afterwards. But man, I was hopping mad.

Next on the ridiculous list is something I heard on the radio in reference to what happened in Virginia. "Monday's tragedy killed more people than any other school massacre in US history."

I know I'm not the only one to think that there should be no reference point for school massacres. There should not be a scale of muderousness in schools. There should not be a separate category for school murders. Because they shouldn't exist in the first place. And after Columbine, someone somewhere should've figured that out. And done something about it.


beth said...

I agree - but like Columbine, it was a student(s) who did the massacre - so I've been wondering myself - how do you stop students from doing things such as this at their school? It's just sickening.

Christina said...

i agree with you as well. and for a student as troubled as this guy, all the media frenzy about school shootings glamorizes, in a sense, what students like him are trying to *accomplish*. I mean, this Vtech gunman probably thought of his tapes that he sent in as a work of art. What are we supposed to do to stop THAT?

zeb said...

So let me understand you hit someone's bumper and are not sure why he was upset. Interesting

Nicole said...

Beth and Christina - Well, first of all, a country of 300 million citizens should not also be the home to 250 million guns. There's a good place to start.

Zeb - Touched, not hit. Seriously. His car didn't move. No smudge mark on his bumper, no dust, no nothing.

Lorraine said...

Right on. Stupid Americans.

Nicole said...

Lorraine - I know that's exactly what the guy in street was thinking.

Christina said...

yup, good point.