Monday, April 09, 2007

La Maison Renaise - The Good

Today's is the first in a series of three posts, The Good, The Bad, and The Ridiculous.

So. The Good.

La Maison Renaise is my new favorite place. It's a house. Really. That now houses a perfect café. The owner, Laurent, is charming. The coffee, 5 or 6 roasts, is excellent. The pastries (flan, brownies, chocolate tart, lemon tart, crème brûlée...) are home-made. There are 25-or 30 kinds of tea. There are swanky coffee table books all over the place.

There are tables and chairs (handy) for sitting and couches and cushy chairs for lounging.

It's exactly 8 minutes from my house on foot.

When you're in the neighborhood - La Maison Renaise, 23 rue Renaise, Laval.

If I'm not at home, I'm probably there.


beth said...

La Maison Renaise sounds like you're little piece of heaven. Does La Maison Renaise have internet capabilities. . .or should we expect fewer posts due to your new favorite place??

Christina said...

i'm sure i'll get dragged there on my next visit...speaking of it official yet?!?!?!

Nicole said...

Beth - Posting frequency shall not be influenced by La Maison Renaise.

Christina - Tickets haven't been bought because of your godson's passport but, yes, it's official. And yes, you'll be spending much time there next time you come over.

laurent said...

Thank you "madame" Nicole !for lighting my quiet mornings here, with interesting exchanges, discussions about many things,funny reflexions about our Frenchy way of life ...haha, you're soooo right ! Keep smiling that way, you're a nice family , and bravo for the boys.
See you soon for another cup of coffee and one more chat.
merci pour le pour le Good ; I'm doing my best !

"Monsieur" laurent, from La maison

Doc said...

Can you stop with the 'let's put Doc in a diabetic coma' theme? homemade goodies...bah! Evil wench.

zeb said...

Do they serve my kind of refreshments or pastry, if not then I am not going.

Nicole said...

Laurent - Je n'ai dit que la verité cher vieux monsieur. Et le plaisir est reciproque.

Doc - Tomorrow will be about bad food, I promise.

Zeb - I forgot to mention the delicious ice cream and chocolates. You're going buster.

Amy H said...

I am so jealous! Why can't someone open a lovely cafe in Restigne? All we have is a farmer's bar. Enjoy your good fortune, Nicole!

Lorraine said...

Sounds fab.