Monday, February 04, 2008

Beyond reasonable authenticity

Yeah, about that.

I saw a man walking on the sidewalk this morning. He had that wraparound to-cover-the-baldness thing. You know what I'm talking about. And he, believe me, had taken it to a whole new place. A place that was definitely beyond all reasonable authenticity. It was LONG and the head under it was BALD. And that hair wrapped way around. And it was plastered to his head with some kind of product. He looked happy with it though. And really, isn't that what matters? Who ever said the inside was supposed to align with the outside and not the other way around? And why did you ever start to believe that?

But when you start to mess around with this stuff, when you question the pragmatics and the bright light with no shadow and the four corners of something that you finally realize is inherently round, what are you left with?

It would seem you are left with only one option. Temporary stillness and an attempt at quiet integrity.

Because, really, how could you possibly hope to direct the flow of what breaks the dam?


Anonymous said...

i'm fairly desperate for stillness, temporary or otherwise, and quiet integrity of whatever hue. they are in short supply. whereas, male baldness, male vanity, and male foolishness aren't. i like to tell people at any point in a discussion that i am not bald. even if the discussion isn't about baldness. see what i mean about male vanity and foolishness?

Nicole said...

cbw - I do indeed. What hue does quiet integrity have today?

beth said...

Have you honestly ever considered becoming a writer?
It was nice to hear your voice today.

Lorraine said...

I think men who go bald should just shave their heads and own it. Which isn't really what this post is about but I'm not clever enough to respond to your recent spate of profundity.

Anonymous said...

sorry, hugh not hue.

Nicole said...

Beth - It's an idea that's been tossed around, by others, not me. It was nice to hear you too.

Lorraine - Oh yes you are.

CBW - I like that hugh, he's a nice bald guy.